Life is filled with vicissitudes . A lot of ups and downs. We have a lot of people who are downcast and despondent. Lots of people in this category often resign to fate in this poor state. Infact, it is not a bad thing to feel unmotivated or uninspired as this is natural in a world characterized with instability. It’s a common phenomenon. But, most folks don’t get out of this state. They linger so long and let their feeling weigh them down. This resource base came about as delivering and offering hope and help to the discouraged, disturbed and despondent. I am of the view and opinion that anyone who has contact with the internet must be transformed through inspirational resource materials from seasoned and sound inspirational speakers.


Our vision is to put a smile on the face of every human being on earth. We envision where the oppressed in the mind, the discouraged and the troubled will be changed and transformed upon interaction with our resources or materials. Many reasons can adduce to this. Some become uninspired due to temporary setbacks, non-attainment/non achievement of their goals and objectives, unhealthy comparisons with their contemporaries, complex (inferiority and superiority), physical disability or handicap, losses, seeming failures etc. The list is endless.

Moreover, for those who have some measure of motivation , our vision is to increase their motivation and not to  get de-motivated .We want to help you fulfill your divine purpose and mandate by firing you up. We also envision bringing you to the realization and utilization of your potentials, talents and gifts. We want you to become a blessing to the folks in your sphere of influence and impact your generation and humanity at large positively through words of inspiration from major inspirational speakers.