Life is filled with vicissititudes. A lot of lows and downs. We have a lot of people who are downcast and despondent. A lot of people in this category often resign to fate in this their discouraged/despondent state.This resource base came about as delivering and offering help to the discouraged, disturbed and despondent became a burden. It was conceived and birthed after a similar project was conceived and launched. I mused and reasoned that the world and humanity who have contact with internet must be transformed especially those who are downcast and discouraged.


Our vision is to put smile on the face of every human being on earth. We envision where the oppressed in the mind, the discouraged and the troubled will be changed and transformed upon interaction with our resources or materials. Also, for those who have some measure of motivation , our vision is to increase their motivation and not get demotivated .We want to help you fulfill your divine purpose and mandate. We also envision to bring you to the realization and utilization of your potentials and talents/gifts and becoming a blessing to the folks in your sphere of influence and impact your generation and humanity at large positively.